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job description - Maintenance Technician

  • Execution of both planned and reactive maintenance and repair services for workshop machines.
  • Provision of periodic inspection services for all workshop machines. Major overhaul / maintenance of the equipment to ensure the continuous integrity of the units.
  • Troubleshooting / fault diagnosis for workshop machines (Electrical, Mechanical) Execution of reactive maintenance and repair works for Workshop machine and test units.
  • Recommendation of spare parts appropriate for repairs of workshop machines
  • Provision of needed support to maintenance technicians during investigation, troubleshooting / fault diagnosis and proposals for corrective or preventive maintenance.
  • Execution of fault diagnosis and recommendations for needed spare parts
  • Physical inspection of spare parts upon supply / issue and prior to commencement of work to ensure correctness and adequate condition.
  • Inspection and Verification of tools required to confirm fitness for purpose and safety of use.
  • Preparation of inspection and repair reports detailing the condition of equipment before and after maintenance, the repairs performed, the materials and spares used, the required checks for re-commissioning the equipment and proposal
  • Execution of planned preventive maintenance services for Workshop machine tools, test units and other workshop machines.
  • Provision of periodic inspection services for all workshop machines, as well as major overhaul / maintenance of the equipment, to ensure the continuous integrity of the units.
  • Recommendation of necessary specialist equipment, technical advice, materials, tools, and attendances required for preventive maintenance works for all Workshop machines.
  • Periodic calibration and balancing of Workshop machines and issuance of calibration certificate.
  • Provide necessary assistance to the Maintenance Engineer for on-the-job training functions for the client’s personnel on the operation and maintenance of workshop machines.
  • Review of available maintenance and condition monitoring history data after client’s notification.


  • A Bsc degree in engineering with mechanical specialty with at least three years cognitive and vocational experience in handling machine and machine parts
  • Must exhibit outstanding ability to learn and comprehend the fundamentals of the functioning of machines.
  • Extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering designs, installations, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Proficiency in mechanical design and diagnostic testing software.
  • Exceptional analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Great organizational and time management abilities.
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