About JobGam

Recruitment Trust is an international job sourcing and career management firm which provides some of the world’s easiest and most reliable employment solutions specializing in job and recruitment opportunities placements, advertisements, résumé creation, review or upgrade, career advice, career counselling and cover letter creation. We contribute our quota to development by presenting free recruitment openings to millions of job seekers in an efficient user-friendly platform.

The ICT firm; Recruitment Trust began operation formally in March 2019, as a result of an eleven year research, understudying and intricate process-development.

Why JobGam?

Our portal is famous with job seekers and those seeking career advancement and by millions of subscribers as fast, efficient, stable and trustworthy; the strength of the rapidly expanding enterprise could be traced to her promptness to trends, sleek and user-friendly outlook/web-pages and the apt in providing prompt, up-to-date information on new and existing vacancies all over the African Continent.

Her recently upgraded database provides now more personalized and improved content, performance, features and services making available to millions of subscribers and visitors access to an even broader coverage and database of job listings and employers, and for employers to access more job seekers.

Our database is upgraded with over 5,000 new jobs daily as we provide our over 120 million visitors connection to real jobs and required data. On the website, you can seek out openings, create an account and personalise profile for prospective employer’s attention, create or upgrade your resume, Post jobs for free and recruit.

Our Mission:

At Recruitment Trust, our core principles are the combined tenets of Integrity, Innovation and Flexibility coupled with a smart, creative and industry-sensitive work-force coordinated by a visionary and excellence-driven leadership; this makes us the number one spot for job seekers and a hotspot for prudent investors. Our focus is to make the process the least complicated and efficient as possible and thus far, we have been very successful with it.

Although two years old, we have surpassed many older firms in the industry to take a center-stage as an African giant in her industry, even as we brace to take on the world.

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